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    The Academic Services Department develops and establishes the academic goals and policies of Elyria City Schools.   Its mission is to support students, teachers, staff and community with expert content knowledge, high technology, modern curricular materials and instructional best practices.

    Our team has extensive training and ensures Elyria’s teachers and principals have professional opportunities to further hone their teaching and leadership skills through Elyria University, an in-house training program for staff to take courses and earn college credit at no cost.

    Our commitment to students is reflected through extensive course offerings and value-added services.  It’s our charge to instill a life-long love of learning in our students and a desire to be contributing members of the community.


    Please feel free to contact our offices with any questions or concerns regarding curriculum and instruction.


    Department Responsibilities:

    ·       Curriculum and instruction

    ·       Professional development of district initiatives

    ·       Intervention resources

    ·       Gifted and talented education

    ·       English learners

    ·       Instructional technology

    ·       Media services

    ·       Summer programming

    ·       Assessment and accountability

    ·       Grants

    ·       Entitlement programs (federal grants)

    Natalie Matthews
    Director of Academic Services
    p:  440.284.8280 
    Kathy Koepp
    Director of Professional Development
     p:  440.284.8222
    Adrienne Kelley
    Administrative Assistant
    p:  440.284.8271
    Erikka Strozewski
    EMIS & Accountability Coordinator
    p:  440.284.8282
    Amy Keir
    Teaching and Learning Coordinator
    p:  440.284.8081
     Cindy Tschudy
    Teaching and Learning Coordinator
    p:  440.284.8266 
    Lisa Getty
    Lisa Plas
    Implementation Specialist
    p:  440.284.3583
     Barbara Pesch 
    EMIS Coordinator
    p:  440.284.3048
    Megan Kinney
    Gifted Services Coordinator 
    p:  440.284.5236