• The Elyria Robotics program was founded in 2016 with generous grants from Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems and the Nordson Corporation.

    Founded: 2016

    High School Team ID: 11124

    Middle School Team ID: 42111

    Team Name: Elyria Robotics Team

    Location: Elyria, Ohio

    Mission Statement: The Elyria Robotics Team is a group of students from the Elyria City Schools grades 7-12 that utilize the VEX Robotics System to design, build, program, and drive an innovative robot to compete in tournament matches against other robotics teams across Ohio. The team provides our students an opportunity to work with others in a spirit of collaboration and competition to solve real world problems.  Using the engineering design process, the team will provide students with the opportunity to maximize both human capacity and use of technology, both of which are necessary components of successful teams of engineers and scientists.

    Unofficial Team Motto: "Snack. Sleep. Robotics. Repeat."

    Team Sponsors: Elyria City Schools, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems, Nordson Corporation, EMC Precision


    Check out the history of our program and the unique game challenges that were tackled each year via the links to the left. 

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