Middle School Robotics

  • In the 2018 - 2019 Turning Point season shocased 6 middle school competition robots:  42111E, 42111N, 42111G, 42111P, 42111W, and 42111X.  Students from Eastern Heights Middle School, Northwood Middle School, and Westwood Middle School will be eligible to compete in the same type of the program that the high school team competes in but with the opportunity to compete in middle school only tournaments. The team holds workshops, meetings, and practices in the ImaginEering Hub, room 124.

    The team participates in VEX EDR Tournaments
    - Standard Matches: Two alliances of two teams each playing against each other
    - Robot Skills Challenge: One robot & driver playing alone against the clock
    - Programming Skills Challenge: One robot using sensors to run autonomously
    - Online Challenges: Unique contests using CAD, animation, essays, and more
    - Local, regional, national, and world competitions
    - More than 10,000 teams from 32 countries playing in over 750 tournaments

    Vex EDR leverages the “coolness” of robotics, and the excitement of head to head competition to inspire and engage students. 

    Students will walk through the design and build a mobile robot to play a sport-like game.  During this process they will learn key STEM principles, and robotics concepts.  Students will compete head-to-head at VEX Robotics Competitions, the largest and fastest growing international robotics competition for middle and high school students.

    This modular and project-based team teaches the design process in an engaging, hands-on manner to help teachers challenge, motivate, and inspire their students.  By moving students through an actual engineering project, students quickly understand the relevance of what they are learning.

    Students with varying learning styles and levels can accomplish the lesson goals. No prior robotics experience is required; beginners are able to advance sequentially through the year to gradually increase their knowledge and skill level.

    Ms. Angie Burgess, Mr. Craig Corfman, and Mr. Mike West serve as middle school robotics team coaches.