• The Elyria Schools Academic Services Office has assembled curriculum topics for preschool through grade 12 to assist students and families in home learning. 

    The curriculum calendars below reinforce content that students have learned in school based on grade level with work and activities that can be accomplished at home with and without online resources. 

    Please stay connected to your student's teacher through school messaging systems such as Class Dojo, Remind, Band, Google Classroom or other, or email staff using lastnamefirstname@elyriaschools.org. Thank you.

    Curriculum Topics by Grade Level 

    Preschool: English Spanish

    Kindergarten: English Spanish

    Grade 1: English Spanish 

    Grade 2:English Spanish

    Grade 3: English Spanish

    Grade 4: English Spanish

    Grade 5: English Spanish

    Grade 6: English Spanish

    Grade 7: English Spanish

    Grade 8: English Spanish

    Grade 8 Algebra: English

    High School Curriculum Calendar

    Grade 9-12 English and Spanish