Best of Show Artist

Best of the Bushel!
Posted on 09/19/2022

Hundreds of student artists vied for just nine awards in the 2022 Apple Art contest at the Elyria Apple Festival.

And one of the nine recipients also earned the title of, "Best of Show," recognized as the judges' overall top honor. 

Harmonie Kron, a student at Elyria High School, earned this year's Best of Show award. 

Harmonie's finished piece experiments with a variety of art mediums.

It showcases a large apple that's centered on the page with a halo of rich purple and pink tones behind it.

The art piece gives the illusion of a human eye, with a shaded red apple as its center, and as its pupil: a drawing of Earth wearing a heart. 

Members of the Elyria Arts Council served as judges for the Apple Art competition. 

Congratulations, Harmonie, and kudos to all students who participated in the event. 

Pictured: "Best of Show" art by Harmonie Kron, Elyria High School.

photo of artwork



Apple Art Awards

Elyria High School

Most Creative
  • Patrycia Stiles
  • Lauren Smith
  • Nevaeh Santana
Best Message
  • Athena Armstrong
  • Kyamane Gunter
  • Kloie Trautman
Best Use of Color
  • Harmonie Kron
  • Edie Manuel
  • Madalyn Francisco

Apple Art Awards

Middle School

Most Creative
  • Ava Shedrick (NWMS)
  • Amya Williams (EHMS)
  • Lyla Napier (NWMS)
Best Message
  • Ethan Tutak (EHMS)
  • Dony'Ae Williams (EHMS)
  • Adalaide Johnson (EHMS)
Best Use of Color
  • Ava Sas (WWMS)
  • Aaron Proszek (NWMS)
  • Miles Rivera (NWMS)

Apple Art Awards


Most Creative
  • Talia Nimer (NWES)
  • Daxton Pendergrass (EHES)
  • Maddie Hale (EHMS)
Best Message
  • Aurie Bauza (EHES)
  • Kylie Duris (WWES)
  • Malaya Nash (EHES)
Best Use of Color
  • Karen Richardson (NWES)
  • Tessa Celestino (EHES)
  • Lillie Podsiadlo (NWES)