Parent Series: Social Media, Problem Solving

At-home Strategies and Tips from a Child Expert
Posted on 03/03/2022
Dr. Meghan Barlow

Elyria Schools will host a series of parent information sessions with Dr. Meghan Barlow of Meghan Barlow and Associates.

Dr. Barlow is a clinical psychologist and recognized expert in pediatric care. 

In her conversational, engaging way, Dr. Barlow will offer strategies and tips for parents and caregivers on important topics with children, such as setting routines and structure, managing screen time and social media usage and social problem solving. 

Three sessions will be held in all, beginning with the first session this month. 

The meetings will take place from 5:30-7 p.m. in the dining room of Elyria High School, located at 601 Middle Ave. Guests may enter from West Avenue. 

Dinner will be served at each session. Childcare is available onsite for children under 11 years of age. 

Dr. Barlow will kick off this series on March 16 with the topic of, "The Benefit of Structure, Routines and Rules."

She'll talk about homework practices, setting limits and boundaries and how to stick to them. 

The second session takes place on April 6 and it covers the important topic of social media and its influence. The session is called, "The Impact of Social Media and Screen Time." The session will delve into how social media and excess screen time impact mental health and behaviors. 

Dr. Barlow will offer strategies for minimizing and managing social media and technology. 

The final session will take place on May 11 and it will cover, "Social Skills and Social Problem Solving." This one examines the social pressures students face and offers supports and strategies for children in conflict resolution.

All three sessions are free for parents and caregivers in Elyria Schools. Pre-registration is requested. For information, call 440-284-8203.

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Pre-registration is requested by March 10 at