• Welcome to the EHS Counseling Department! 

    Students are divided into teams with a counselor who can provide comprehensive school counseling services. 

    Team 1, Grades 10-12: Michelle Kirsch, 284-5231, 

    Team 2, Grades 10-12: James Burke, 284-5232

    Team 3, Grades 10-12: John Cake, 284-5233

    Team 4, Grades 10-12: Elizabeth Holland, 284-5234

    Teams 1/3, Grade 9: Donovan Belizaire, 284-5237 (team 1/3 office)

    Teams 2/4, Grade 9: Betsy Trump, 284-5217 (team 2/4 office)

    Home Counselor: Troy Hill, 284-8157 (team 2/4 office)

    College and Career Counselor: Jacquie Anderle, 284-5235 (team 2/4 office)

    Explore the updated Counseling Department Website! There is a wealth of information at your fingertips--career, college, and scholarship search sites. Counselors are available to help students and parents with present and future educational concerns; to assist in home, school, and social situations; and provide individual counseling.