• Five Ways to Battle Senioritis

    Posted by Alex Moen at 9/1/2015
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    The end is nigh. Only a month left for our beloved seniors then they are on their way to bigger and better things.

    Senioritis- a disease that afflicts primarily seniors in their final days at high school. This not-so-chronic illness causes the afflicted senior to slack off and blow off doing any school related work. This can manifest in many ways. The senior may start to dress unprofessionally or stop caring about how they look at school. They also may stop doing their school work or even coming to class all together.

    I stopped writing this article half way though because I have also been afflicted by this not-so-chronic disease.


    Here are 5 ways to battle this affliction and finish out your senior year strong.

    1. Make a to do list. Every morning when you wake up write out a to do list. This can be on your phone or on a piece of paper. There are numerous sticky note apps that can help you out with this.  Write out everything that you must do today in chronological order. Then if you think of anything throughout the day just add to it. Once you finish everything on the list reward yourself with something. I tend to reward myself with a nice long nap.
    2. Keep your shoes on. I know when I get home I immediately change into something more comfortable and I kick off my shoes. This causes me to become even more susceptible to the ways of senioritis. I have found that if I keep my shoes on when I get home I get more work  done and I don’t procrastinate as much.
    3. If you are going to be listening to music, listen to non-lyrical songs. Things like daft punk, or deadmau5 have minimal words but their songs still promote focus which is one the things that senioritis will deter you from. Try listening to these while finishing up your work.
    4. Just because you have senioritis and you need to keep working because you’ve been slacking off doesn’t mean you have to completely stop hanging out with friends. But try to only hang out on weekends. Don’t go out and party on weekdays. Not only is that sad to be turning up on a Tuesday night, it’s just not smart. Tell your friends you can’t go out until your work is done; that you will hang out with them Friday or Saturday.  They will understand.
    5. Lastly, just hire someone to do all of your work for you so you don’t have to worry about your not-so-chronic illness affecting your grade. This way you don’t have to do anything, and you still get good grades in school.

    DISCLAIMER: The fifth tip here is completely false and I urge you not to do this. Just push forward, and finish up senior year strong.

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