• New School Parent Meeting Tonight

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 2/6/2020

    A parent meeting will be held tonight, February 6, 2020, from 7-8 p.m. at Northwood Middle School, 700 Gulf Road.


    During the meeting, Superintendent Ann Schloss and Elyria Schools staff members will provide an update on the plan for new schools in Elyria.


    Three new schools will open in the fall of 2020: Hamilton Elementary, Ely Elementary and Northwood Campus. 


    Two additional schools will open in the fall of 2021: Eastern Heights Campus and Westwood Campus. 


    The exisiting schools of Franklin Elementary, Windsor Elementary, Ely Elementary and Northwood Middle School will close permanently at the end of the 2019-2020 school year. 


    The existing schools of Crestwood Elementary, Oakwood Elementary, McKinley Elementary, Prospect Elementary and Eastern Heights Middle School will permanently close at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. 


    At tonight's parent meeting, district staff will review new school boundaries and introduce parents to a handy search tool on the district's website that allows parents to locate their home address within the new-school attendance areas. 


    Parents also will take a virtual tour inside the new Northwood Campus. (Virtual walkthroughs of Ely, Hamilton and Northwood are available in the left sidebar of this page.)


    The meeting also will offer time for questions and answers on the new-school plan.  


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  • Elyria Board Meeting: New Eastern Heights Campus renderings revealed, sale of properties discussed

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 6/12/2019

    Elyria Schools has received new renderings of the forthcoming Eastern Heights campus, a K-8 facility that will be built at the existing Eastern Heights Middle School property between Garford Avenue and Prospect Street.


    The architectural drawings were presented to the Elyria Board of Education at the board meeting on Wednesday, June 12, 2019.


    Eastern Heights Campus is within phase II of the school district’s new construction project, which entails the construction of five new school buildings throughout the city—three campuses and two elementary buildings.


    Westwood campus, slated to be built in Elyria Township, is also part of phase II. Westwood is currently in the early design stage.


    Eastern Heights and Westwood will open in August 2021. A groundbreaking will be held for Eastern Heights in late August. Details will be forthcoming.


    Phase I of the construction project includes Northwood campus and Ely and Hamilton elementary schools. They are all on schedule and slated to open in August 2020.


    At the June 12 meeting, the school board also discussed the varying possibilities for the seven school district properties that will be left vacant in the wake of the new construction project. These properties include Prospect, McKinley, Windsor, Franklin, Oakwood and Crestwood elementary schools, and Northwood Middle School.


    The board will likely make a decision about what to do with these properties in the coming weeks and months. This could involve a sale of land and/or buildings—in accordance with strict state guidelines for such action—or it could involve an exchange of property with the city of Elyria, according to Paul Rigda, the Elyria School Board’s liaison on the new schools project.


    School Board President Greg Elek directed district officials to conduct a series of open houses to  give potential investors an opportunity to tour the facilities and grounds should they have an interest in purchasing the properties.


    The open houses will be held in July and will be announced on the district’s website and in the media.

    Eastern Heights exterior 1 eastern heights image 2

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  • It all starts with foundations

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 4/12/2019

    Progress is steady at the sites of Ely Elementary School on Gulf Road and Northwood Campus on Abbe Road in Elyria. 

    Crews finished pouring foundations at both sites. 

    At Northwood, the walls are 90% complete on the new gynasium and work has started on walls in other areas of the building.

    At Ely, the gym walls are about 75% complete. 

    Both sites will see concrete slab work over the next several weeks as well as underground electrical and plumbing work continuing.

    At the Northwood site, an asphalt ring road is in process. The road will allow more access to the site for workers and construction vehicles and will stay in place as the school is finished for traffic around the complex. 

    Both sites can expect steel deliveries in April and mid-May and both gymnasiums are expected to be under roof by the end of May.

    Ely, Northwood and Hamilton Elementary Schools will open in August 2020. 

    The plans for the Hamilton site are in the final review phase and construction work will begin soon on the site located on 13th St. and Middle Ave. 

    Check out the latest flyover video from our inhouse drone showing the Northwood Campus site. Northwood Campus April 5, 2019


    Ely Pour

    Ely crews pouring concrete on the future first and second grade wing.

    Ely pour 2

    Ely pour 3

    Wide shot of the Ely site with concrete slab work in process.

    Ely Pour 4

    Wide shot of Ely site from Gulf Road, showing the first and second grade wing.

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  • The Elyria Schools Pioneer Press Spring Edition: School Construction Update

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 3/28/2019

    Construction is in full swing at the sites of Ely Elementary School on Gulf Road and Northwood Campus on North Abbe.


    Next up on the schedule? Hamilton Elementary School on Middle Avenue.


    For a rundown of what’s happening and what’s to come for each of the new school sites, read on.


    Ely Elementary


    The new Ely Elementary School is going up where Gulf Road and Ohio Street meet, just steps away from the existing Ely School building on the same property where the school has stood for more than a century.


    With the project in full-scale construction mode, every precaution is in place to ensure student and staff safety on the grounds, including an extra crossing guard on school days at the construction vehicle entrance.


    The new Ely Elementary School building will encompass approximately 61,000 square feet. It will house elementary through fourth grade.


    The underground sanitary and water lines are all in place and the construction work has moved above ground. Crews have finished pouring the concrete footers, essential to the new building’s foundation.


    Next will be the concrete block and brickwork, as the building begins to go vertical.


    Ely is scheduled to open in August 2020.


    Northwood Campus


    North-siders have a great view of the construction work in progress between North Abbe Road and Rosalee Drive, at the former sites of the Pioneer Soccer Field and Spring Valley School.

    This expansive space is home to the future Northwood Campus, a 129,000 square foot building that will house elementary and middle school through eighth grade.


    Like Ely, the action at Northwood has been largely underground, with miles and miles of trenching and the installation of sewer and water lines.


    And like Ely, Northwood is looking up with footers and foundation work in process and block and brickwork soon to follow.


    Northwood Campus will open in August 2020.


    Hamilton Elementary School


    The vacant land at the corner of Middle Avenue and 13th Street on Elyria’s south side is the future home of Hamilton Elementary School, a 58,000 square foot building that will house preschool through fourth grade.


    The Elyria Board of Education had its first glimpse of the stunning new Hamilton Elementary School presented as an architectural rendering at the Feb. 20 school board meeting.


    At that same meeting, the board approved documents to move the building forward in the construction process. The project is now out for bid with contractors and the sitework is expected to begin this spring.


    With every project, there are four phases of development in the building approval process before blueprints ever come to fruition:  


    • The first phase is called Program of Requirements. The architectural engineers and school district meet to discuss the needs of the building and the general and unique spaces inside its walls.


    • The next stage, Schematic Design, is akin to the “rough draft” stage of a project, with architects taking what they learned in the Program of Requirements phase and applying it to paper while exploring the potential costs of the project.


    • The third phase, Design Development, is a refinement stage where drawings now illustrate clear details and specifications of the building, showing how it will look and function. More budget estimations are made at this level to hone in on the final price, called the Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).


    • The fourth and final phase before construction begins is called Construction Documents, which are the actual documents or “blueprints” that contractors will use to build the building. At this phase, the GMP has been set and the contractors are held to a price for their work.


    Ely and Northwood Campus have moved through all four phases of the process and are at GMP. Hamilton is in phase four, Construction Documents, and is out for bid.


    Like Ely and Northwood, Hamilton will open in August 2020.


    Eastern Heights Campus


    At over 146,000 square feet, Eastern Heights Campus will be the largest of the three campus schools. The building will house elementary and middle school through eighth grade and it will be closely located to the existing Eastern Heights Middle School on the property between Garford Avenue and Prospect Avenue.


    Like Ely, Eastern Heights students will continue attending school while their new school is built right next door.  


    Eastern Heights is in phase three of the planning and development process, Development Design.


    In the coming months, the district will announce plans for a groundbreaking ceremony at the Eastern Heights Campus location.


    The building will open in August 2021.


    Westwood Campus


    Westwood Campus is in the preliminary phase of development, Program of Requirements, yet plans are moving swiftly along. Westwood, too, will open in August 2021.


    This campus site, more than 94,000 square feet, will house elementary and middle school through eighth grade.


    Plans for a groundbreaking ceremony will be announced in the coming months.


    To keep up on the construction progress of Elyria’s five new school buildings, please visit www.elyriaschools.org and find us on Facebook/elyriaschools, Elyria City Schools on Twitter and on YouTube at Elyria Schools Pioneer TV.


    Mercy Health Field at Ely Stadium


    Open for business! The beautiful new athletic complex on Middle Avenue is home to the Pioneers. If you attended football games this past fall, you can attest: It is a sight to behold!


    The 4,000-seat arena boasts a top-of-the-line synthetic turf field for football, band and soccer, a competition-grade track, practice fields, a field house with team offices, locker rooms and a weight room, new concession areas and plenty of restroom facilities, as well as new parking areas off Middle Avenue.


    The complex features a unique design element, as well: a sculpture of the word “Pioneers,” similar in scope to the well-known “Cleveland” structure in downtown Cleveland.


    The Pioneers sculpture looms large, just inside the grand promenade entrance. The spaces are colorfully lit with light-changing LEDs—the perfect place for game-day photos!


    When the stadium reopens this spring, fans will see new tennis courts and expanded parking off Middle Avenue and Oberlin Road.


    Over the winter months, the district added 250 parking spaces in the complex near the baseball fields, as well as a paved walkway to the stadium entrance areas. New fencing and bollards were added at the north end of the complex.


    The baseball fields will be groomed for the new season. A new gazebo/shelter is planned for the future in the open space between the baseball fields and tennis courts.

    Northwood site

    A view of the work at the Northwood Campus site on March 28, 2019, from the construction site camera. You can see the latest images captured by the camera at Northwood and at Ely by clicking the links in the left sidebar column of this page. 

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  • New School Construction Video Update, February 2019

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 2/25/2019

    New school construction is underway at the sites of the new Ely Elementary School on Gulf Road and Ohio St., and the future Northwood Campus between Abbe Road and Rosalee Dr. in Elyria. The new Hamilton Elementary School, to be located at the former site of Hamilton on 13th and Middle Ave., also will be underway soon. 

    On the Elyria Schools Pioneer TV channel on YouTube and on Spectrum Cable 1022 in Elyria, you'll find video updates and board meetings telling the progress of new schools, including this latest update from the construction sites of Ely and Northwood. 

    If you have questions or comments, please contact the Communications and Marketing Office at 440-284-8203, or email us at ask@elyriaschools.org.


    Elyria Schools Construction Update, February 2019



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  • Elyria Board Approves Construction Documents for New Hamilton Elementary

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 2/20/2019

    At the school board meeting on February 20, 2019, the Elyria Board of Education approved construction documents for the new Hamilton Elementary School. Architectural renderings were displayed at the meeting (see link below).

    Hamilton will be located on Middle Avenue at the corner of 13th and is slated to open in August 2020.

    The 58,000-sqft facility will house preschool through fourth grade and will serve the south side of Elyria.

    Superintendent Ann Schloss detailed some of the special features of the new school sites. 

    The new facilities will feature “suites,” dedicated spaces for students and teachers of particular grade levels to work more collaboratively together.

    Open areas called extended learning areas, or ELAs, are central to these spaces, offering options for small or large group learning and for “maker” areas, to encourage tinkering and creating. The middle schools located at the campus sites also include makerspaces. 

    The new spaces offer the best of both worlds as they can be flexible with movable walls, furniture and garage doors, or more traditional as needed.

    Community rooms and spaces that are regularly visited by the public, such as the main office and gymnasium, for example, will be in located in “the spine” of the building which puts the common areas on a main path away from the learning suites.

    The design of the new buildings will allow for having an administrative presence on multiple levels and in multiple wings (at the campus sites) of the buildings.

    The new facilities are located on properties the district already owns and the sites offer more than one ingress/egress point for drop offs and pick-ups to help ease traffic during busy times of the day.

    At tonight’s meeting, the board also approved the first phases of design for the new Eastern Heights Campus.

    Ely and Hamilton Elementary Schools and Northwood Campus are slated to open in August 2020. Eastern Heights and Westwood Campuses are slated to open in August of 2021.

    Hamilton Elementary School

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  • Ely, Northwood: New Renderings Revealed

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 2/19/2019

    Architects from Architectural Vision Group, Westlake, have put the finishing touches to the plans for the new Ely Elementary School and the Northwood Campus, and the renderings were displayed for the Board of Education at a meeting in January, 2019. 

    The new Ely Elementary School is approximately 61,000 SF and will house kindergarten through fourth grade. 

    The new Northwood Campus is a whopping 131,000 SF and will house kindergarten through eighth grade. 

    The construction work is well underway at both sites. The district's construction team of AECOM/AGS, Cleveland, has completed the underground work that was necessary for the sanitary, storm and water lines, and most of the footings are in. The brick work will begin soon.

    Hamilton Elementary is up next. The site, located on Middle Ave., will house a 58,000 SF building for preschool through fourth grade. 

    Sitework will begin in February and the architectural rendering will be displayed at a regular board meeting on February 20, 2019. 

    Ely, Northwood and Hamilton will tentatively open in August 2020. Eastern Heights and Westwood campuses tentatively will open in August 2021. 

    Architectural renderings are attached below. 

    Ely Elementary

    Northwood Campus

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  • Construction Update January 14, 2019

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 1/14/2019

    Happy New Year! As the weather breaks, the Northwood Campus on Abbe Road, Ely Elementary on Gulf Road, and Hamilton Elementary on Middle Ave. will be hubs of activity.

    The underground infrastructures of Ely and Northwood are in place, and Hamilton Elementary will see the same work in the coming months. All three sites are slated to open in 2020-2021.  

    AGS/AECOM, the district's Construction Manager, will host a subcontractor "meet and greet" open house on February 19, at 5 p.m., at the Lorain County Urban League, located at 200 Middle Ave., Suite 200. 

    Elyria residents interested in construction and in working on the project to build five new school sites in Elyria are encouraged to attend this meeting. Local subcontractors also are urged to attend. 

    The plan calls for building five new school facilities in Elyria:

    • Ely Elementary at the existing site of Ely Elementary School on Gulf Road.
    • Hamilton Elementary at the former site of Hamilton School on Middle Ave.
    • Northwood Campus at the former site of Pioneer Soccer Field and Spring Valley School on Abbe Road.
    • Eastern Heights Campus at the existing site of Eastern Heights Middle School.
    • Westwood Campus at the existing site of Crestwood Elementary School on Griswold Road in Elyria Township.

    The campuses of Eastern Heights and Westwood are scheduled to open in 2021-2022.

    For more information, please contact the Communications and Marketing Office, 440-284-8203.


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  • Local subcontractors, workers sought for construction project

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 11/29/2017

    The Elyria City School District is embarking on a project to rebuild its elementary and middle schools and athletic complex in a nearly $140 million construction plan. 

    The district is working with architectural firm Architectural Vision Group (AVG), Westlake, and AECOM/AGS, Cleveland, to build five new schools: two K-4 elementary schools, two K-8 campuses, and one PK-8 campus. A new multisport complex also will be built in two phases at the current site of Ely Stadium. 

    The project opens up opportunities for residents of Elyria and Lorain County with experience in construction trades, and for local subcontractors to bid or be hired on the job. 

    Interested individuals may attend informational sessions hosted by AECOM/AGS and the Lorain County Urban League. Two sessions are upcoming: December 7, 2017, and January 4, 2018, 6-8PM at the Urban League at 200 Middle Avenue, Suite 200. 

    Online interest forms also are available. Follow the links below to complete subcontractor or worker forms. 

    With questions, please contact Jim Wall, Elyria Schools Business Services Director, 440-284-8206.

    Local Subcontractor Information Form

    Subcontractor form (Online form)


    Local Worker Information Form

    Worker form (Online form)


    Two Ways to Get Involved!


    If you prefer to complete the contractor or worker information forms on paper, please download the appropriate PDF and send the completed documents to Jim Wall, Business Services Director, Elyria Schools, 42101 Griswold Road, Elyria, OH 44035, walljim@elyriaschools.org

    Contractor Form (Paper form)


    Worker Form (Paper Form)

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  • Board Previews Phase I New Schools: Ely Elementary and Northwood Campus

    Posted by Amy Higgins on 10/4/2017

    During the regular Board of Education meeting, Wednesday, October 4, board members previewed the schematics and architectural renderings of the first of five new schools to be built in Elyria: Ely Elementary and Northwood Campus. 


    Phase I of the plan calls for the construction of Ely and Northwood Campus and the demolition of Hamilton and Spring Valley schools. Ely, a new K-4 elementary will be built on the current site of Ely Elementary school on Gulf Road in Elyria. The Northwood Campus, a Prek-8 complex, will be built at the current site of Pioneer Field and Spring Valley school on Abbe Road in Elyria. The schools are tenatively scheduled to open in 2019.


    Phase II of the project will see construction of Eastern Heights Campus, a K-8 complex on the current site of Eastern Heights Middle School, the new McKinley School, a K-4 elementary school on the current site of Hamilton school on Middle Avenue, and Westwood campus, a K-8 complex on the current site of the Administration Center and Crestwood Elementary School in Elyria Township. Phase II schools are tentatively scheduled to open in 2021. 


    Phase III will involve the demolition of the district's existing, remaining schools. 


    Here's a look at what architects have in store for the new Ely Elementary School and Northwood Campus. 


    Key to Ely's design is maintaining historic elements of the existing Ely School, built in the 1920s. Architects will incorporate the historic Ely arched entrance, the school's founding date inscription on the facade and keyhole details in the roofline. Interior elements will be preserved as well. The new design gives a nod to Ely's history yet incorporates all the modern elements of 21st Century education.


    Northwood Campus will offer a more modern, colorful design, yet fit in with the entire design plan of the new schools throughout the city. The exterior materials of all of the buildings will resemble materials used on the exterior of Elyria High School. The new schools will incorporate extended learning areas, collaborative spaces that are flexible and progressive for teaching and learning needs today and in the future. 


    Residents are invited to attend an open house at Elyria High School in the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, October 10, from 6 to 7 PM, to preview the new designs of Ely and Northwood Campus and to speak to architectural team and school administrators. 


    Northwood Campus aerial:  

    Northwood aerial


    Northwood renderings: 

    Northwood image 1

    Northwood image 2


    Pre-K wing of Northwood campus: 

    PreK at Northwood


    Northwood schematic first floor: 

    Northwood campus


    Northwood schematic second floor:

    Northwood campus 2nd floor


    Ely Elementary aerial: 

    Ely aerial


    Ely Elementary schematic: 

    Ely schematic


    Ely Elementary renderings: 

    Ely 1

    Ely 2

    Ely 3

    Ely 4



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