• The Academic Services Office of Elyria Schools created this site to encourage learning at home during the extended school closure resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

    We appreciate the extensive work of our teachers, principals and curriculum staff in creating the rich selection of resources on this site and we hope students and families find these tools useful in furthering education at home. 

    Students and parents will find user-friendly curriculum maps by grade level and courses that align with school content and offer topics and tools that easily can be adapted at home, with or without online technology and access. 

    Fourth quarter student work that follows the guidelines of the curriculum maps that are outlined on this site can be collected at home by parents or returned electronically as indicated by school staff. 

    We sincerely appreciate our students and parents and the work they are doing to create a home learning environment.

    The teachers and staff of Elyria Schools are available and accessible. To contact the Academic Services Office, please email: kelleyadrienne@elyriaschools.org.

    To reach your child's teacher or principal, please email their lastnamefirstname@elyriaschools.org.

    Thank you for partnering with us in fostering a love of learning at home. 

    We miss you and we look forward to reuniting as a school family.

    Be well and be safe.