• Elyria Schools is working closely with the Lorain County Public Health District in its Back-to School plan.

    We recognize the fluidity of the situation and the need to be flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    Counties across Ohio are following a leveled response to COVID-19 based on the number of confirmed cases of the illness within each county. Ohio has experienced a surge of cases and Lorain County in particular has seen its numbers increase to the point that health officials are asking residents to wear masks in public places and to be cognizant of the need to continue distancing socially when possible. 

    The Elyria Schools has developed a tiered learning model that is consistent with the leveled COVID-19 responses of the state.

    Leveled learning models

    This graphic illustrates the district's tiered system of learning models based on the county's risk assessment. (More details will be provided on the 4-day attendance model if the district moves in that direction.)

    With Ohio and Lorain County operating at a heightened level of response, Elyria Schools will operate under two learning models this fall and parents will be able to choose which option fits their needs. 

    Follow this link to read about the two options that are available to students and parents this fall. Families are asked to commit to one of the learning models for an entire semester. To opt in to the virtual model a registration process is required.  The Pioneer Path Back to School this fall includes the following:   

    • In-person attendance and learn-at-home hybrid
    • Learn at home virtual academy

    Parents and community members must understand that all planning can change depending on the information provided by county, state and federal health officials.

    In the event that school again becomes all virtual to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Elyria Schools is prepared to adapt through the Elyria Schools Virtual Academy as detailed within this site.

    Likewise if conditions improve and the spread of COVID-19 slows and the cases diminish, and if local health officials deem it appropriate to do so, the district may adjust the school schedule at the end of a semester to allow for more days of in-person attendance.