• Open, honest communication 

    We’re back—officially off and running for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Let me begin with a simple but sincere thank you. We’re all traveling uncharted waters but
    in keeping our sights set on what’s best for our students and community, and in working
    with exceptional, dedicated partners we’ve accomplished much in the days, weeks and
    months leading to our return to school.

    Since last winter it’s been a whirlwind, to say the least, but we’re beyond delighted to
    welcome students back into their neighborhood schools.

    Many of these schools are all-new buildings, as you know, which adds an extra layer of
    excitement to the start of the year.

    There’s also the ongoing challenges we face—as a school district and as a community—with

    As a district, we’ve taken many steps to prepare for the physical return of staff and students.
    Safety has, of course, been our leading priority through it all.

    Even before the Ohio-ordered closure of schools last March, we worked hand-in-hand with
    Lorain County Public Health and the Lorain County Educational Service Center to navigate
    the twists and turns of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As a county team of school superintendents and under the guidance of Health
    Commissioner Dave Covell, we developed a guide to reopening schools that not only
    accounted for risk levels but put strategies in place to lessen those risks in school settings.
    Some of the direct results included new board policies that now require face coverings be
    worn while on school grounds and while on buses. It also involves policies that follow social
    distancing guidelines in classrooms and common areas of schools, as well as strategies to
    limit the movement of students each day within the school buildings.

    New cleaning protocols were established in Elyria schools that align with recommendations
    by the Ohio Department of Health.

    As we proceed with all these precautionary measures to limit the spread of viruses in our
    schools, we must ultimately acknowledge that the possibility of transmission remains,
    despite our best efforts.

    When a confirmed case of COVID-19 presents in the school setting, the district will work
    directly with the Lorain County Public Health system in notifying parents and staff.
    Openness and good communication have been our guiding principles through this
    challenging environment.

     We are working diligently each day to keep parents, staff, students and community
    members informed of the many happenings within Elyria Schools. If you have any questions
    or ideas about the recent school openings or other events, we welcome your inquiries and
    comments at ask@elyriaschools.org


    Ann Schloss



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