• A new year, and a new era for Elyria Schools


    Here we are anticipating another great year in the Elyria Schools. 

    We are in for exciting times. 

    The district is rebuilding its elementary and middle schools. The new master plan calls for two new K-4 elementary buildings and three K-8 campuses serving all quadrants of the city. 

    We're also building a new multisports complex, replacing the district's 91-year-old stadium: Ely Stadium.

    The plan is taking shape and construction is underway on multiple sites. 

    New Stadium

    The new Ely Stadium will open on August 24, 2018, with a home football game against Avon Lake. For tickets, contact the Athletic Office at 440-284-8256. 

    Ely Stadium will house Division I Football, Soccer, Tennis, Track and Field, Baseball, and eventually Softball. The stadium is also home to the renowned Elyria High School Pioneer Marching Band. 

    New Schools

    Ely Elementary School, Northwood Campus, Hamilton Elementary School and Westwood Campus are all tentatively slated to open in the summer months of 2020. 

    Eastern Heights Campus is on the heels of those, projected to open in the summer of 2021. 

    The district's existing schools will be demolished, and the areas they once occupied will be seeded with grass.

    As the district builds new schools and prepares to demolish old ones, we will announce opportunities for residents to take final walkthroughs of their favorite elementary and middle schools. 

    A New Era

    The new plan truly changes the landscape of Elyria.

    It's certainly exciting, but also bittersweet: Saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. 

    We are happy to answer any questions you may have as we enter this new chapter in Elyria Schools history. We want you to celebrate our amazing past and present with us. Look for more to come on opportunities to tour our old and new facilities.

    Thank you for your care of our children, our community, and of the Elyria Schools.




     Tom Jama




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