• Dear Ely Family,

    Thank you for an amazing school year. I want to thank you all for an amazing first year for me as the principal at Ely. It can definitely be said that this was not an ordinary school year, but with all of your continued support and dedication we were able to make it through this year together.

    I want to take this time to thank our PTA who put in countless hours throughout the year for both our students and staff. Also thank you to our teachers and staff and the endless amount of time they put in each and every single day. Parents and families thank you for putting your trust in us as a school, your support is greatly appreciated. Finally, students, I want to thank you all for being a part of this final chapter of the old Ely building and always Being Responsible, Being Respectful and Being Ready To Achieve. 

    I hope everyone has a great summer and you are able to spend time with friends and families and of course some reading and math along the way. To our graduating 4th and 5th graders of Ely we wish you the best of luck on your educational journey and can’t wait to hear the amazing things you accomplish. We look forward to seeing everyone in the new Ely Elementary School on September 8. 

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    Twitter: @ElySchool

    YouTube: Brandon Easton

    Important dates (Subject to change): 

    Open House - September 3rd 6-7 p.m.

    First Day of School - September 8th

    Kindergarten Start Dates:

    Sept. 8th A-G

    Sept. 9th H-M

    Sept. 10th N-Z

    Sept 11th First day for all KG


    • November 10 & 12 3:30-8:10
    • January 28 3:30-6:45

    Have a safe and wonderful summer,

    Brandon Easton



    Mr. Easton
    Brandon Easton