• Dear Oakwood Families,

     Welcome back to Oakwood! I hope you had a safe and healthy summer. Thank you for your continued patience and support in addressing the many changes to education, health, and safety needs during these unfamiliar times due to COVID-19. I would like to welcome all of our “pioneers” to Oakwood for the 2020-2021 academic school year.

     I have missed all of our Pioneers that we have not seen since May, and I welcome our new Pioneers that will be joining us this fall.

     I understand that these are times of uncertainty and a new way of attending school for all, but the start of a new school year is exciting. The teachers have prepared their hybrid and virtual classrooms to be interactive and fun. I am confident that this year many successes will occur along the way because Oakwood Pioneer always rises to the occasion!


    Ms. J. Jones

    Oakwood Principal