• June 9th Update:





    All lockers have been cleared out and student items baggeded and/or labeled.


    Items not claimed by this Friday 6/12/2020 will be discarded.



    student locker items



     Free Virtual Techie Camp: Stocker Foundation


    Techie Camp Virtual Flyer Click Here 



    For Students Entering Grades 6-8


    Elyria Camp Invention Connect 


    At Home STEM opportunity for students 



    Summer FREE Meals for students


    Free meal service for kids under the age of 18 will continue this summer through Elyria Schools and Aramark school foodservice.  

    Beginning June 9, 2020, the distribution schedule is changing. The sites of Prospect and Franklin elementary schools will close for the summer but the sites of Elyria High School, Oakwood Elementary School and the existing Northwood Middle School (on Gulf Road) will reopen for service.

    Meal distribution will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays only beginning June 9 and through August 27, 2020

    Distribution at these sites will follow a drivethrough model until further notice. Families do not need to exit their vehicles during pick up. Likewise children do not need to present during pick up. Upon arrival, families will be provided with multiple-days-worth of cold breakfast, lunch and dinner items for the specificed number of children in the household that are under the age of 18. 

    The new disribution schedule is as follows: 

    Elyria High School (Parking lot nearest West Ave. and 5th St.): 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Northwood Middle School (700 Gulf Road): 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    Oakwood Elementary School (925 Spruce St.): 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

    If transportation is a barrier please contact Elyria Schools at ask@elyriaschools.org and delivery service can be arranged. When emailing, please provide name, address, phone number and number of children under the age of 18 in the household.

    Thank you and enjoy your summer! 






    INCOMPLETES for not doing work matter for students!!!


    When students don't complete 4th Quarter work it has a negative impact on them.


    First is the stress felt by now having to make up the work not completed during the 4th

    Quarter and the feeling of being overwhelmed.  


    Second is that once teachers are released for the summer students are still responsible to

    complete work in order to PASS their 4th Quarter subjects.  Getting help from teachers will

    be more difficult after June 3rd.  Teachers have regular "office hours" now.


    Third, if a student has incompletes for the 4th Quarter they could be ineligible for

    for extra curriculars in the fall.  Things are changing daily and we do not yet know what the State of Ohio or the OHSAA will determine as the summer months move on.  It's easy to complete the work now incase the worse case is decided. Please don't risk it.   


    Fourth, students need to complete work in all subjects.  We've heard rumors students

    think completing all the work in one subject will get them a PASS for the 4th Quarter.  This

    is not true.  Students must complete work in all subjects just as they did when coming into

    the school building for classes.    



     How do I know if my child is completing the work?


    1.  CONTACT YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER NOW!!!  NMS teachers and staff want our

    students to PASS their subjects.  


    2.  CHECK POWER SCHOOL.  When students/parents log into their PowerSchool account

    you will see under Q4 and [ i ].  If you click on that [ i ] it will take you to the class page

    with the grades.  Remember, you will either see a P or an I.  "P" means that your student

    passed that weeks work, "I" means the work is incomplete.  If you have questions you can

    reach out to the classroom teacher NOW.  We are here to help the best we can.




    Important for 8th Graders entering 9th Grade!!!!


    Click above for the video. 



    Summer Reading for students entering 7th and 8th Grade Honors ELA

    classes CLICK HERE





    Click Here for Important Dates in May & June




    Click Here for Online Tech Help







    Learning at Home Newsletter (click)
    Click here: NMS Newsletter (May 25-29)



    Emegency Contact Cards and Student Expectation Agreements


    These important documents are past due.  Students will not be permitted to attend trips, concerts, and other school events without these documents being turned in and updated.  Thank you for your attention to this matter. 



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    Important Dates:


    At this time school is on an extended break.  Please see above or the district webpage for resources for families and students. 





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  • School Lunch   Please Apply for Free and Reduced Lunch


    For eligible students, Free and Reduced application approvals help reduce frustration and help students avoid having money obligations.  It is simple and easy.  See Below. 



    Free, reduced meals are a click away
    The Elyria City School District and Aramark Foodservice encourages families to complete an application for free- and reduced-priced school meals. The process is now easier than ever with an online option at https://payschoolscentral.com/#/user/login.
    The free/reduced option helps families save money and gives students access to healthful, balanced school meals every day at little or no cost. The application process is also an important determinant in whether or not school districts receive important state and federal funding for school programs so families are asked to complete the application even if income parameters aren't within the specified range for discounted meals.
    The new online option for completing the free/reduced meal application is handy and efficient, and is also now possible through the online registration link for new and returning students.
    School resumes on Wendesday, August 28. If you have questions related to free and reduced school meals, please contact Aramark at 284-8262.
    For assistance completing the online application, please refer to this step-by-step guide.




    Arrival and Dismissal Safety  


    Parents and Guardians are reminded that they must pull their vehicles completely around the cones on the side of building by the school parking lot and drop their students off at the cross walk.  If you can park you are permitted to walk with your child and cross at the crosswalk.  Thank You!!!

                                               Student Drop Off


    Parents may park in the large side lot or spaces in the front of the building if picking students up after school.  If you choose the large side lot, buses will circle around the parking spaces and line up in the front of the building before students will cross to the side lot parking spaces to meet parents. 






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