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Parents: Online access to your child's school day is just a click away

Attention Parents: Do you have a Parent Portal account on PowerSchool? The Parent Portal makes it possible to view your student’s schedule, attendance, grades, assignments, and more. If you have more than one child in the Elyria Schools, the Parent Portal offers setup for one account that manages all of your students' information in one convenient place.  It can even be set to email you with weekly updates. 


Now that the district has enabled PowerSchool’s online Registration tool, it is even more important for parents to have a Parent Portal account. This handy tool makes it easy to for complete your student's yearly update before a new school year kicks off.  The online process lets parents complete the necessary back-to-school forms, like the Emergency Contacts form, right from home. 


If you haven’t already signed up for a Parent Portal account, please do so soon!  You can see a tutorial here at the bottom of the page titled "How to Create a Parent Portal Account in PowerSchool."  To create your account, click here.


If you should have questions or need further information, please contact Melissa Cochran at 440-284-3088.