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Death of Franklin Elementary Principal, Lisa Licht

It is with profound sadness that the district must share news of the death of a beloved employee, Lisa Licht, principal of Franklin Elementary School. Lisa died of natural causes at University Hospital in Cleveland March 28, 2018. 

Lisa was the greatest of advocates for children and public education, and specifically, education in Elyria.


She was a loving mother to son, Steven, and an adored friend and leader to the Franklin staff and school community. She was also a tireless activist for Elyria’s Southside and a mighty voice for its children and families.   


Lisa began her career in the classroom and moved into the administrative ranks first at Roosevelt, then at Franklin. With 20 years in the district, Elyria Schools was her home away from home.


She was firm in her belief that an education in Elyria Schools was second to none, enrolling her own son in the district for the better part of his school career. Lisa’s son Steven will graduate from Elyria High School in June. Steven recently was accepted to the University of Toledo, to Lisa’s great pride.


Lisa gave of herself fully as a mom, a friend, an educator and as a leader.  She was so many wonderful words wrapped up into one beautiful person inside and out.


Lisa's colleagues said:


“Throughout the years, beginning with her time as an intervention specialist at Roosevelt Elementary School, to her assistant principal role there, and her position as the leader of Franklin Elementary School, Lisa always put her students first. It’s hard for me to think of anyone more dedicated, loving, and focused on the well-being of Elyria students than Lisa.  She’s been  an Elyria Pioneer for more than 20 years and her own son is graduating this year as an Elyria High School Pioneer. She is and always will be so very dear to us. “ Ann Schloss, Associate Superintendent, Elyria Schools.


“Lisa was ‘grace under fire,’ she was the calm for us and for our students. She always put kids first. She lived and breathed her favorite quote, ‘Our kids are worth whatever it takes.’” Jessica Barwacz, Principal Prospect Elementary School.


“Our hearts are broken. Lisa was through and through an Elyria Pioneer. She led with compassion, kindness, strength and pure love and ultimate respect for the families and community she served.” Thomas Jama, Superintendent of Elyria Schools.


“She was a go-to principal; she cared personally and professionally about her staff and colleagues. She was our ‘glue.’” Virginia Fitch, principal of McKinley Elementary School.


Lisa is irreplaceable, and we grieve her loss deeply.


A celebration of Lisa’s life will be held at Franklin Elementary School at a future date.