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EHS Shuttle Stops 2018-2019

Students can purchase a one-time pass for $35 that's good the entire school year.  

First Student Transportation Representative will be at Elyria High School for Open House on Thursday, August 30 to sell bus passes for High School students.

 Shuttles will pick up from the following locations, AM service only.


               2018-2019 Elyria High School Bus Passes

        Shuttle Locations (times will be mailed with bus pass)


Pickup Location                                    Designated point of safety/waiting spot


____Westwood Middle                                Pickup Location: back parking lot with orange cones

____Oakwood Elementary                          Pickup Location: Main entrance doors for Oakwood Elementary

____Windsor                                             Pick up location:  Parking lot of Windsor

____Ely Elementary                                   Pickup Location: Bus pick up off Gulf Rd   

____Pratt Blvd & Fuller Rd                          Pickup Location: Pratt Blvd & Fuller Rd

____Prospect Elementary                           Pickup Location: Prospect circle

____Olivet Ave and Northwood St               Pickup Location: Olivet Ave and Northwood St

____Turner Blvd. & Brunswick Dr                Pickup Location: Turner Blvd. & Brunswick Dr

____West Ridge Rd & Fowl Rd                    Pickup Location: West Ridge Rd & Fowl Rd     

____Fairwood Blvd & Georgetown Ave        Pickup Location: Fairwood Blvd & Georgetown Ave

____Naples Dr & Greenway Dr                   Pickup Location: Naples Dr & Greenway Dr      

____ Infirmary Rd & Garden St                  Pickup Location: Infirmary Rd & Garden St      



Please contact First Student, 284-8030, for more information.