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Suggested Schedules for At Home Learning

Please read the following message from Academic Services Director, Natalie Matthews.




When your children are in school, their days are packed with scheduled activities. We know routines are important and so we are providing you with suggestions of a home plan for a learning day that mirrors a typical school day. Please see the links below.


When you have an opportunity, please visit to find curriculum resources for your children. The resources are just that--resources--to help foster thinking and learning outside the traditional classroom.


The curriculum resources here,, provide online options and non-computer-based learning opportunities for your consideration. If your student completes projects or materials on their own at home, please hold onto them for now.


The Academic Services Department of Elyria Schools will continue to enhance the curriculum resource guide each week. In the event that school is closed for a longer period of time, we will communicate updates to parents and provide educational documents in the resource library that are consistent with topics and materials derived from the 4th quarter of school.


PK-5 Schedule Options 


Middle School Schedule Options


Thank you for all you are doing to further your child’s love of learning. We will write again soon.


Yours in education,


Natalie Matthews

Academic Services Director

Elyria City School District