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Teacher Writes Children's Book

Elyria Schools Intervention Specialist Kathy Pero (Windsor/Northwood Elementary) has authored a children's book that has been published is now available at Amazon and in book stores. 


The book, "Miss Molly Learns Responsibility," tells the story of a spunky five-year-old girl who, in travels with her moms, comes across a shy little kitten that needs her help. In the book, Molly learns what it means to truly care for a pet and all of the important duties that come with it. 


Kathy's writing reinforces social skills and life lessons. 


Kathy also introduces the main character, Molly, with same sex parents.  


"I want the fact that Molly has two moms to be normal, okay and just part of her life," Kathy said. "And I want parents to have a story that represents how children can handle different situations in life." 


The book has unique artistic features to draw readers in and emphasize important actions and lessons in the story. 


For example, black and white background illustrations keep readers focused on main characters and their actions in full color. 


The book also has a city map illustration that works as a tool for talking about community helpers and neighborhood safety. 


"Wondering questions" at the end of the book can be used to talk about other ways young children can show responsibility.


"Miss Molly Learns Responsibility" is available in hardcover or paperback on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. 


You can also find it at and