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MEDIA ADVISORY: Elyria Extends Postponement Period for Athletic Competitions through December 12

 In the face of increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases in Elyria and Lorain County, Elyria Schools is extending the period of time in which athletes will not be allowed to compete in inter-league competition.


The district had previously announced a postponement period that would last through December 7, but that postponement will now apply until December 12.


Play is expected to resume December 14, which is in line with the schedule of other conferences in the county.   


During the postponement period Elyria Schools is still permitting athletic activities such as skills training and practices but in small, controlled settings. Coaches will communicate these opportunities with players. The district is also allowing some co-curricular club events to take place but in organized situations and where distancing is possible. Club advisors will keep students informed when these opportunities are available to them.


Lorain County’s current COVID-19 risk level is purple, indicating severe exposure and spread. Lorain County Public Health has reported more than 8,000 total cases this week. Elyria Schools continues to operate under the guidance of Lorain County Public Health.


The district will continue to keep students and parents informed of any new information or updates to the athletic schedule.


For further information on athletics, please contact the Elyria Schools Athletic Department at 440-284-8256.