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New Traffic Pattern During Construction

Beginning Monday, February  24, the following modifications will take effect:

Griswold Road Entrance:

  • The Griswold Road entrance will be open for two-way traffic.
  • All EECV staff and visitor traffic should enter the complex from the Griswold Road Entrance.
  • Construction vehicles also will enter the site from Griswold Road and merge into a construction lane as noted in light blue on the attached map.
  • Construction vehicles will exit the same way using a three-way stop sign.
  • Elyria Pioneer Softball will enter and exit using Griswold Road.


Adelbert Staff Entrance:

  • Traffic into the complex through the Adelbert St. Entrance will be ONE-WAY ONLY.
  • The Adelbert St. entrance may be used by Board of Education (BOE) staff and visitors, and the parking lot at the (new) main entrance off Adelbert St. may be used by BOE staff and guests only.
  • School buses will enter the complex using Adelbert St. The bus turnaround will be closed.
  • All traffic will exit out to Griswold Road.


  • Signage will be added near the Adelbert St. Entrance indicating it as one-way.
  • Three-way stop signs will be added at the EECV bus area, parking lot and construction entrance.
  • Signage also will be added at the Griswold Road entrance to guide BOE visitors to use the Adelbert St. entrance.
  • Your assistance is requested in advising guests of the appropriate paths to follow in and out of the campus.


Thank you!