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In this world of virtual everything, podcasts offer a wonderful break from the video screen.

They’re just something about honest, casual conversation among compelling, interesting people that seems to appeal to listeners who want their information delivered in a fun, friendly medium. 

Podcasts definitely fit that bill. 

Elyria Schools has recently joined in on this fun format, launching the Petey Podcast on the platform. It’s also available on Spotify and all other popular hosting platforms. 

If haven’t gotten in on the podcast experience yet, now’s your chance—the Petey Podcast has launched more than half a dozen episodes in the past month alone. 



Some of the folks highlighted in recent episodes: 


  • Elyria Schools alumna Nicole Kozdron (EHS Class of 2001). Kozdron appeared recently as a contestant on two episodes of the iconic quiz show “Jeopardy!” She won the first episode, which allowed her to return for the second episode. It was an incredible opportunity—and Kozdron graciously joined the Petey Podcast two times to talk about her experiences. She also talked about her time at Elyria Schools, and the memorable teachers and programs that still hold a place in her heart.     


  • Elyria Schools alumnus Marsalis Hammons (EHS Class of 2012). Hammons' compelling life experience has inspired him to create a nonprofit that helps build young leaders throughout schools in Lorain County, with a special focus on students in Elyria and Lorain. He also works full time for Cleveland Metropolitan School District, where he plays a lead role in shaping the district’s important hiring and recruitment achievements. He recently earned Leadership Lorain County’s Emerald Award for Inspirational Leadership. He’s a truly dynamic young leader and a mentor to scores of local young people—and he was kind enough to share his insights during a visit to the Petey Podcast studio.


  • The Petey Podcast has also launched a series of truly illuminating interviews with three mental health experts who work at Elyria Schools: Chantille Jackson, Cristina McCarthy and Marissa Pelsozy. Over the series of interviews, this trio explores a host of tools and techniques that people can use to better cope with the challenges of workplace dynamics, personal relationships, day-to-day struggles and more. They offer a wealth of information and, most importantly, in every episode they deliver tips, tools and strategies that people can use to help achieve optimal outcomes in their daily lives.