Paid School Lunches Return

Apply for Free and Reduced School Meals
Posted on 08/29/2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE: If your student receives school lunches, please be sure to have a current free/reduced meal application on file following the process spelled out in this bulletin.

Free/reduced meal applications must be completed by October 1, 2022. Accounts that do not have a current form on file will automatically fall into "paid" status on Oct. 1, which could lead to negative balances in a student's meal account. 

Please follow the links below to complete the form online or in print.

(All meals at Hamilton Elementary and Westwood Campus are free but status forms are still required at these locations.)

Paid school meals returned this year in all locations except Hamilton Elementary School and Westwood Campus.

The waivers that allowed Aramark and other school foodservice providers to serve breakfast and lunch for free during the pandemic have expired.

To support student wellness, Elyria City Schools has opted to provide no cost breakfast to all students in grades K-8.

Hamilton Elementary and Westwood Campus operate under the USDA’s Provision 2 program, which will allows students to eat lunch for free.

All families are strongly encouraged to complete a free and reduced-price lunch form as early as possible in the school year. 

Even if you don’t believe you will qualify for free and reduced price meals, please complete this form as it helps students and our school district. This process is easy, risk-free and confidential.

Applications can be completed electronically through PaySchools Central. Parents can also use the site to preload money to their child's account for daily school meals. A hard copy of the form is available on our website.

Once downloaded and completed, parents can return the form to their child's school.

Accounts that do not have a current status form on file by October 1, 2022, will automatically be categorized as "paid" accounts. 

School Meal Pricing

The Elyria Board of Education adopted new meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year.

K-8 Breakfast: Free
Preschool daily snacks: Free
K-8 Lunch Paid: $3.25
K-8 Lunch Reduced: .40
EHS Breakfast Paid: $2
EHS Breakfast Reduced: .30
EHS Lunch Paid: $3.50
EHS Lunch Reduced: 40