Food Services

Aramark Foodservice offers these kitchen tips for parents who are preparing school meals at home using food items supplied by the Elyria Schools are Aramark.

These cooking tips will be updated weekly based on each week's meal items.

Please check back for the updated weekly meal packet instructions.


Important statement: National School Lunch and Breakfast Program

Please read this important statement related to the National School Lunch and Breakfast Program here.

For more information on the program or how to enroll, please contact ramark Foodservice, 284-8262.


Free, reduced meals are a click away

The Elyria City School District and Aramark Foodservice encourages families to complete an application for free- and reduced-priced school meals. The process is now easier than ever with an online option at

The free/reduced option helps families save money and gives students access to healthful, balanced school meals every day at little or no cost. The application process is also an important determinant in whether or not school districts receive important state and federal funding for school programs so families are asked to complete the application even if income parameters aren't within the specified range for discounted meals.

The new online option for completing the free/reduced meal application is handy and efficient, and is also now possible through the online registration link for new and returning students.

School resumes on Tuesday, September 8. If you have questions related to free and reduced school meals, please contact Aramark at 284-8262.

For assistance completing the online application, please refer to this step-by-step guide.

Parent portal application guide

Monthly School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Please use the link below to view the Aramark Menu Portal:

October 2021 Menus

K-8 Breakfast Menu - click here

Elementary Lunch Menu - click here

Middle School Lunch Menu - click here

Elyria High Breakfast Menu - click here

Elyria High Lunch Menu - click here

Dinner Menu - click here