Student Health and Wellness

The Elyria Schools employs a full-time nursing staff that also includes health aides to provide health and wellness services to its students throughout the district. 

Our nurses are highly trained and well-versed in the latest health and medical information impacting school-aged children. They are keenly aware of issues impacting youth today and are trained to recognize and respond to school health matters. 

The Elyria Schools Nursing Staff:

Tara DiFranco, 440-284-8169 (direct)

  • Northwood Elementary, 440-284-8014
  • Northwood Middle, 440-284-8016
  • Ely Elementary, 440-284-8005

Val Frank, 440-284-6689 (direct)

  • Eastern Heights Elementary, 440-284-8011
  • Eastern Heights Middle, 440-284-8015

Jennifer Packman 440-284-8099 (direct)

  • Hamilton Elementary, 440-284-8007
  • Elyria Early Childhood Village, 440-284-8250

Rose Hess 440-284-8153 (direct)

  • Westwood Elementary, 440-284-8002 
  • Westwood Middle, 440-284-8017

Melissa Frabotta 440-284-5208 (direct)

  • Elyria High School, 440-284-5208

To contact a school nurse, please call them direct using the number posted above. 

Nurses Note

In this letter the nurses explain required immunizations, medications at school, school clinic information and guidelines for keeping students home when they have symptoms of illness.