Your Friendly Neighborhood Principals

Your Friendly Neighborhood Principals
Posted on 08/13/2023

Greetings from Elyria's neighborhood schools!

Some of our principals have moved to new locations and some are brand new to Elyria Schools.

Here's a rundown of who you'll meet at our neighborhood schools:

Eastern Heights Elementary School

Principal Brenda Wittman

Assistant Principal Gary Bruner

Eastern Heights Middle School

Principal Dana Cerrito

Principal John (Jake) Keefe

Assistant Principal Todd Church

Ely Elementary School

Principal Brandon Easton

Principal Joy Jones (alternating schedule with Northwood Elementary School)

Elyria Early Childhhood Village

Principal Jackie Plantner

Elyria High School

Principal Jodie Johnson

Associate Principals Courtney Griffiths and Patrick Griffis

Assistant Principals Kim Benetto, Brett Heighberger, James Johnson and Angie Perkins

Hamilton Elementary School

Principal Joel Melvin

Assistant Principal Katie Huff

Interim Principal Debbie Waller

Northwood Elementary School

Principal Miranda Roscoe

Principal Joy Jones (alternating schedule with Ely Elementary)

Northwood Middle School

Principal Mike Basinski

Principal Jean Capacetti

Assistant Principal Ashley Meikle

Westwood Elementary School

Principal Stacey Gatten

Assistant Principal Erin Neale

Westwood Middle School

Principal Katie Kalamasz

Principal Jim Rollence

Assistant Principal Michelle Nimene