The Path to New Schools in Elyria

The Path to New Schools in Elyria: A Documentary
Posted on 11/03/2022
The Elyria City School District has traveled many miles to realize the dream of building all-new schools in the city of Elyria.

The journey began in 2012 with construction of the new Elyria High School, a 2,000-student mega-campus in Elyria’s downtown center.

In 2016, the residents of Elyria voted to finish the job by building all new schools for its students in preschool through eighth grade, and a brand-new multi-sport complex to replace the city’s century-old stadium: Ely Stadium.

The construction kicked off in 2018 and was barely underway before the planning and design team saw dramatic market changes that had building costs skyrocketing.

The project was facing a shortfall of millions of dollars before it was even underway.

The district’s core planning and design team had to get way out of the box to beat unbelievable odds, including completing the job during the pandemic.

This is their story.

The documentary, Pioneering Tomorrow: The Journey to New Schools, was filmed, directed and produced by the Elyria City School District Office of Communications.

You’ll find the movie on Elyria Schools Pioneer TV YouTube!